Electronic commerce, more commonly known as ‘ecommerce’ refers to all the business transactions that take place over the internet. Most people think that electronic commerce is limited to the buying and selling of goods online, however, it is much more than that. A number of different activities and transactions take place over the internet that all fall under the category of ecommerce.

In recent years there has been great growth and development in the electronic commerce industry. Increasingly consumers and businesses alike are switching to electronic commerce because it is not geographically limiting unlike tangible stores; people all over the world can engage in ecommerce.

Since the industry is so vast, there are many types of electronic commerce. The main types of electronic commerce are:

B2C or Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce.

This is the type of electronic commerce that most people are aware of, these are transactions that take place between businesses and consumers online. The most popular kind of these is the buying and selling of goods and services online. Businesses sell their products to consumers using websites and other online platforms.

B2B or Business to Business Electronic Commerce.

This is the type of electronic commerce in which businesses interact with businesses, these interactions may be of any nature but are most commonly the buying and selling of goods or services. A popular online platform for business to business electronic commerce is www.Alibaba.com. Here, businesses can buy and sell their products to other businesses in bulk.

B2C or Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce.

This is the type of electronic commerce that is rapidly gaining popularity. It is when consumers deal with each other directly in term of goods or services; many entrepreneurs have emerged that market and sell their services all over the internet. Websites such as www.Ebay.com enable people to put up ads and classifieds that interested buyers can respond to.


M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce.

Mobile commerce is largely a subsection of business to consumer ecommerce. Advances in technology have allowed internet access to penetrate into mobile devices and when electronic commerce takes place on mobile phones it is known and m-commerce. One of the most common examples of m-commerce is that of electronic ticketing; people can now buy tickets of all sorts online that can be scanned on mobile devices just like paper tickets.


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