Do you remember the good old days when merely having an online presence was enough? Back when Ecommerce websites were a new thing, you get away using any other Ecommerce websites templates. However, now you need to step up your game to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid when making your Ecommerce websites.

Not communicating your value proposition

In a world of Amazon and eBay, you must convince your customers to choose you. Regardless of which Ecommerce websites builder you select, if you don’t have a clear value proposition, you will suffer. A value proposition told in the form of a tagline, lets customers know what your company is about. When designing your website, ask your Ecommerce solutions provider to place your tagline well.

Lousy Product Descriptions

Let’s say you invest in the best websites builder 2018 has to offer you. The Ecommerce platforms you choose are also up to par. However, when your customers peruse a given product, they are not provided with a quality product description. Would they buy from your website, then? The chances are they won’t. In Ecommerce, customers heavily rely on product descriptions. A misguided and poorly constructed product description can be the end of your sale.

Spending too less

While you can find a website builder free of cost, they are certain sacrifices you make when you select such an option. You can’t compare the Ecommerce solution Shopify has to offer to even the best free ecommerce website builder. It is okay if you don’t want to spend too much. However, you have to spend a given amount to be delivered with quality services. Conduct an ecommerce platforms comparison and select the top websites builder within your budget.

Not have quality images of the product

Again, customers rely on what they see since that is the only sense that is active when shopping online. This is why having poor quality images of the product could adversely affect your business. At the same time, don’t offer what you can’t deliver. The product images must be realistic yet a good representative of the product in question.


Avoid these mistakes when making your Ecommerce website. Ensure that you are able to survive among the competition. Stand out for the right reasons.